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i.    Flare forecast modeling;
ii.    Flare capture technology design and selection (MRU, JT, LNG, CNG, GTL, etc.)
iii.    Flare capture technology contract negotiation:
          1.    Performance Guarantees;
          2.    Mob/Demob Optimization;
          3.    Installation Considerations;
          4.    Economic Analysis;
iv.    Utilizing CNG or LNG to fuel drilling rigs, frac fleets or cyclic EOR injection (Huff ‘n’ Puff); 
v.    Flare capture technology facilities layout and implementation; and
vi.    Gas injection to protect offset wells from frac hits and increase oil recovery factors (Frac Blanket). 

MRU = Mechanical Refrigeration Unit
JT = Joule Thompson
LNG = Liquified Natural Gas
CNG = Compressed Natural Gas
GTL = Gas To Liquids (such as diesel or naphtha) 


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